We’re blessed to welcome you back inside for our live church gathering!

We’re sure you’ve got some questions, so we’ve prepared some guidelines for your safety and comfort. We have prayerfully and thoughtfully designed these processes to keep Staff, Team Members and attendees safe and comfortable. Thank you for serving with us to help make Freedom House a safe and comforting place to receive the Word!

Family Worship Gathering

Freedom House has reopened inside for us to worship together! Family Worship Gathering means your children will be with you during the gathering.

Please note: Our Freedom House kids ministry will hold a live stream gathering in the garage for families with little ones.

We will continue to offer our full worship gathering through Freedom House Online for all of those unable to attend in person for various reasons.

Our Gathering time for this weekend will be at 10am.

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We Are A House of Freedom

We passionately believe in carrying out Jesus’ mission in the spirit of family, in the context of community, and through intentional relationships, all of which is centered around the freedom that is only found in Christ.
Scott & Lynnette Purkey

Senior Leaders of Freedomhouse


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Health & Wholeness Seminar
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